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    ADD:NO.368,JinXing Road,XiXi Area,LiaoBu Town,DongGuan City,GuangDong Province,China.

    ADD:NO.368,JinXing Road,XiXi Area,LiaoBu Town,DongGuan City,GuangDong Province,China.


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      Yuelong plastic mold company whole plant to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

      Source: Dongguan YueLong plastic metal technology Co., LTD  CreateTime:2015-12-30 19:15:12  View:2199    

      In order to better enrich their spare time, so that employees feel better at home, in a tight spare time, the Dragon Boat Festival 2015 organized a barbecue party. Active participation of all family members, the program is rich, popular games, the atmosphere is very warm, made a very good team results.
           As a company of influential old plastic mold factory, has 32 injection molding machines, CNC engraving machine 4,
      300-meter three spray two grilled dust automatic spraying line, processing colored paint, UV paint, rubber, paint and metal high temperature paint + UV finish. It is a professional brand injection plant
      Product type covers various types of high-precision mobile phone, tablet shell design, MP3, U disk, telephone, mobile power, mobile phone jacket, tachograph, removable hard disk, mouse and other computer peripheral equipment processing and surface treatment, automatic spraying first-class production line equipment, Dongguan factory fuel injection model for the industry.