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    ADD:NO.368,JinXing Road,XiXi Area,LiaoBu Town,DongGuan City,GuangDong Province,China.

    ADD:NO.368,JinXing Road,XiXi Area,LiaoBu Town,DongGuan City,GuangDong Province,China.


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      Plastic injection mold factory in Dongguan Yuelong successful completion of training activities

      Source: Dongguan YueLong plastic metal technology Co., LTD  CreateTime:2015-12-30 19:14:35  View:2141    

      51 period, the Division I organized all the management staff of the company to expand training activities for a period of two days and nights. Training process, students actively participate, to complete the outstanding tasks. Create a unity, mutual trust, breaking the team. Lay a solid foundation for future work.
      Yuelong plastic metal production of newly designed 300 meters three spray two grilled dust automatic spraying line, processing colored paint, UV paint, rubber, paint and metal high temperature paint + UV finish. Product type covers various types of high-precision mobile phones, housing design, processing and surface tablet, MP3, U disk, telephone, mobile power, mobile phone jacket, tachograph, removable hard disk, mouse and other computer peripheral equipment handling.
      In the plastics processing industry mold, injection plant industry has a good reputation, corporate governance norms, stringent quality requirements, injection molding plant, injection plant industry model